UNM Strategic Plan Update and Refresh

The University of New Mexico is more than just the state’s flagship university – it is a keystone for New Mexico’s advancement in education, research, health care and community services. Our current strategic plan was developed as an institutional road map, a guide to make UNM the best university it can be.  And for the past four years, we have done just that.

Since 2012, we have achieved some remarkable things - record high retention and graduation rates, better prepared freshman classes, record-breaking fundraising, continued national acclaim for our faculty, and new academic endeavors such as the Honors College and Innovation Academy. Now, we are positioned to build on these successes and chart our course for the next several years.

As we reviewed our strategic plan and reflected on the many accomplishments of the past few years, we did so through a lens of “now and when” – what have we accomplished and where are we now; and what will the University and our community will look like when we achieve these next steps.  I say “when”, because we cannot accomplish these goals in the mindset of “if.” These efforts are critical the continued success of our university and our ability to remain competitive amidst a changing national higher education landscape.  Simply put, we do not have the luxury of “if.” 

Looking back, we are proud of what we have accomplished, but we are not yet satisfied.  UNM, with our students, faculty, and staff are poised to change the world.  I encourage you to review the report below and additional details on this site to learn what UNM is doing to create not only a better university, but a better state, nation, and world.

Robert G. Frank