UNM Strategic Plan Update and Refresh

It has been just about three years since the adoption of UNM2020, a vision and strategic plan developed with input from over a thousand university participants.  Guided by that plan, we have achieved some remarkable things - record high retention and graduation rates, better prepared freshman classes, record-breaking fundraising, and new academic endeavors such as the Honors College and Innovation Academy.  For more detail on strategic plan accomplishments to date, download this recent presentation or visit the UNM2020 Performance Monitoring Dashboard.  We are now positioned to build on these successes and chart our course for the next several years.  The campus community is encouraged to engage in this process by reviewing our proposed strategies and objectives and providing comments and suggestions. 

Please visit the links to below to comment on the draft strategic plan:

Goal 1: Become a Destination University

Goal 2: Prepare Lobos for Lifelong Success

Goal 3: Promote Institutional Citizenship and Inclusive Excellence

Goal 4: Enhance Health and Health Equity

Goal 5: Advance Discovery and Innovation

Goal 6: Ensure Financial Integrity and Strength

Goal 7: Advance and Accelerate Economic Development