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Infrastructure and Financial Performance

UNM in 2020 has a balanced investment plan – people and programs, infrastructure and buildings – all based on clear strategic priorities.  Based on the continuous evaluation of program relevance and rebalancing that has occurred since 2013, the UNM community understands that it can’t be ‘all things to all people’ such that periodic program divestment has allowed scarce resources to be reallocated. 

The sources and uses of funds, both public and private are well known allowing for the difficult choices to be principle-based and transparent.  Success of the UNM2020 $500m comprehensive capital campaign contributes greatly to investment flexibility given constrained State resources.  UNM has diversified its revenue base through a successful private donor/State matching program for eminent scholars and increased licensing revenue from a successful technology transfer program.

UNM has a state of the art high-performance and sustainable virtual and physical infrastructure supporting geographically distributed education pedagogies, technology platforms and economic models.  The infrastructure quality has ensured the integrity of the education platform from physical and virtual classrooms through to student evaluation resulting in both high satisfaction and a stellar accreditation record.  The new UNM Center for the Arts was funded primarily through private sources and serves as an interdisciplinary arts beacon and economic engine throughout New Mexico and beyond.  

While compliant with State requirements, core support services such as human resources, information technology and management services, finance, purchasing, research, and technology transfer are efficient and effective with high staff and faculty satisfaction ratings.