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Teaching and Learning

UNM in 2020 has redesigned educational programs and services reflecting the increasingly dynamic world through which graduates pursue excellence and achieve success.  Core curricula are respectful of traditional academic arts and sciences while embracing labor markets that seek competency-based outcomes – students armed with how to think – how to be creative and flexible – how to be a productive team member – a blend of competencies that demand lifelong learning opportunities.

Teaching, research and service to the community are valued equally in all UNM recognition and reward systems.  We are superb educators who also discover and innovate.  A strong mentoring program exists – faculty/student, senior faculty/junior faculty, upper classmen/junior classmen such that bonds exist to keep one another engaged and retain our talented people.

Students from all walks of life engage through a robust combination of full-time and part-time programs, formal degrees and concentrations/certificates, and physical and virtual learning platforms that ‘fit’ into complex, fast moving learner lives.  UNM pedagogical and technological diversity matches the diversity of its students.