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Leadership and Governance

UNM in 2020 has a progressive governance and leadership dynamic where Regents are well informed advocates for the UNM Strategic Plan (goals, objectives and strategic priorities), set policy and monitor University progress through a transparent performance monitoring and reporting program.  The Regent/leadership collaborative dynamic has produced a sustainable University System in service to New Mexico and beyond, one that is highly coordinated, integrated, non-duplicative and, while programmatically and geographically diverse, functions as a University without walls. 

Regents and the leadership team are inspirational, successful and diverse in every aspect of their composition from socio-demographic to academic and business expertise.  Both have structured forums that keep communication channels open and bi-directional, and present mutually beneficial learning opportunities with faculty, staff, students, alumni, and other stakeholders.  

The boundaries between governance and leadership are based on the principles and practices of high performance academic institutions.  The boundaries are respected through the establishment of clear expectations, priorities and accountabilities. University leadership recommends goals and objectives to the Regents for ultimate adoption and works effectively with the Regents to think through strategy options and resource requirements for achieving the objectives.