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Institutional Culture

UNM in 2020 has a culture that is healthy and seeks continuous improvement through open, safe and honest dialogue.  Faculty and staff are engaged and rate institutional performance highly on cultural attributes such as trust, integrity, transparency, diversity, mutual respect, quality, ethics and social responsibility.  High ratings result from a heightened sense that cooperation – one mission, many players, one team – is valued greatly given that education and research are much more interdisciplinary than prior models of higher education.

UNM celebrates academic and athletic traditions with vigor as community diversity is the core of what makes UNM different.  UNM is innovative in everything it does.  ‘Walls and silos’ are almost non-existent in a culture that respects diversity in everything it does.  Whether heavily resourced or constrained, the culture seeks a better way to accomplish objectives.  Expectations and accountability are well understood and reinforced through a performance-based compensation program linked to outcomes.