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Students: The Lobo Experience

UNM in 2020 has created a relationship that extends well before one enters the University until well after one matriculates – the Lobo Experience.  Through extensive networks reaching down into K-12, across to branches and community colleges, up through the labor markets and out through State and global relationships, UNM students – prospective, active and alumni – have ample opportunity to realize their full potential.

UNM is the national standard and recognized as an innovator in multilingual and multi-cultural programs that go far beyond ‘segmentation’ initiatives to more inclusive topic, challenge, skill and competency based sharing that beings diverse perspectives to challenges shared by all.  No other university has the deep diversity learning lab in which to bring students, faculty, staff and the community together in mutually beneficial ways.

UNM customizes its offering to match individual student desires, expectations and needs.  It recruits and retains the best and brightest New Mexicans as the ‘go-to’ school for specific degrees and programs.  The Honors College targets specific outcomes and job placement opportunities through UNM alumni, strategic partners and other initiatives that are intrainstitutional.  All student support programs, from academic advisement through to career counseling are built upon best practices contributing to strong student pathways to success.

The physical campus is a safe, integrated, year-round collection of academic, civic, cultural, professional and social engagement activities with residential and commuter amenities such as a health and wellness center that contribute to a holistic campus experience.  UNM alumni lead New Mexico and participate actively in lifelong learning initiatives where they take discounted courses on advanced distance education platforms and learning experiences beyond the physical classroom.