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Market Position and Brand

UNM in 2020 will have defined New Mexico’s 21st century flagship university such that the best and brightest of New Mexico and beyond view UNM as a destination university.  The strong range of degree options represents tremendous value to state, national and global students seeking an education relevant to the diverse social and economic environment.

Faculty are attracted to UNM, recognized broadly for its ideal blend of teaching and research infrastructure combined with strong public/private partnerships.  This environment presents them and the students they serve with opportunities that set a national standard for the definition of a vibrant public academic enterprise.

UNM has invested significantly in marketing itself to prospective students, faculty, and strategic partners in all media channels but is specifically recognized as a social media powerhouse. 

UNM continues to accelerate globally and act locally – leveraging an increased international student and faculty presence in ways that contribute to the most pressing global and local challenges of the time.  Through deep connections to emerging and evolving economies, UNM has focused heavily in Latin America through international consortia with robust exchange programs.  UNM is known as a University of the Americas – an ethnically and culturally-rich research university.